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 Building Durable Dreams For Over 29 Years...

More than twenty years ago the founder of Fulton Armory had a vision to build the finest M14 Rifles available, anywhere.

With little more than passion and determination, his dream grew to include all of the U.S. standard issue gas operated rifles of the 20th Century: The M14 (M1A), M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, and AR-15 / AR-10, as well as virtually everything needed to care for these legendary rifles including collaborative efforts with Dr. Walter Kuleck on 3 critically acclaimed books: The M14 Complete Assembly Guide, The M1 Garand Complete Assembly Guide and The AR-15 Complete Assembly Guide.

Today, semi-auto M14, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, and AR-15 / AR-10 rifles, receivers, and parts are available from a variety of commercial sources with varying degrees of dimensional fidelity, durability and safety. Like most things, all rifles, receivers, parts and services are not created equal. Fulton Armory uses original USGI receivers in their M1 Garand, and because original USGI M14 and AR-15 / AR-10 type receivers have never been available to the U.S. commercial market, Fulton Armory has faithfully recreated semi-automatic versions of these, and M1 Carbine receivers that meet all USGI material, heat treat, & geometry specifications

Every Fulton Armory M14, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, FAR-15 and FAR-308 rifle is still lovingly handcrafted by Master Armorers who are building not just a rifle, but a work of art that will be an heirloom for generations to come.

Everyone associated with Fulton Armory thanks you, our customer, for allowing us to continue preserving the legacy of these cherished American martial arms.

Shop Fulton Armory, One of the Best U.S. Gun Manufacturing Companies

For over 20 years, Fulton Armory has been a respected M14 gunsmith all across the country. Starting with a dream to build the finest M14 rifles in existence, Fulton Armory grew to become one of the most widely popular gun manufacturing companies and build a variety of service rifle models. If you’re looking into buying a gun online, Fulton Armory is the place to shop.

Each and every rifle crafted by Fulton Armory, whether it’s our signature M14, the M1 Garand, or the FAR-308 is more than just a gun, it’s a work of art destined to become an heirloom for many generations. Our master M14 gunsmith builds our guns with the utmost care and we guarantee that the beauty and performance will be unmatched. As one of the best gun manufacturing companies, we provide all of the necessary parts, accessories, tools, and services to keep your handcrafted rifle in top shape at all times.

When buying a gun online, please be aware of the various restrictions and requirements necessary for a safe and easy transaction. We ship all of our products nationwide and offer exceptional services to help keep them clean and functioning properly. For all of the best firearms and rifles handcrafted in the U.S.A., shop at Fulton Armory today!