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Cleaning Port, The Original M1 Buddy, M1 Garand/M14/M1A

Price: $13.95
Part #: FA-A407-GM

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Unlike other service rifle cleaning ports on the market today, THE ORIGINAL M1 BUDDY® allows you to use either the "Ratcheting GI Chamber Brush" or "GI" Combo Tool while the cleaning port is in place! No need to worry about those fingers any more!

Compare our product to all the others. The difference is instantly clear. Durable, solvent resistant and backed by a lifetime guarantee, this will be the last M1/M1A cleaning port you will ever need. Reasonably priced, a shooter can afford to carry one in their range bag, and keep one at home or in the shop without breaking the bank!

Injection molded in Ohio using space age material in an ISO9001:2000 manufacturing facility. With all the mold design and machining being done in my hometown of Fort Wayne, IN, The Original M1 Buddy is truly worthy of the "Made in the USA" label


  • Make sure your M1 or M1A is unloaded by retracting the oprod and inspecting the chamber.
  • Secure the rifle in your favorite cradle or vice as you normally do for cleaning.
  • Pull the oprod to the rear and insert THE ORIGINAL M1 BUDDY into the top of the receiver, pushing and holding it all the way down with the open end facing forward and touching the front of the receiver/rear of the barrel.
  • Allow the oprod and bolt to *slowly* slide forward until it contacts the rear of THE ORIGINAL M1 BUDDY.
  • The pressure applied by the bolt will hold THE ORIGINAL M1 BUDDY in place until cleaning is complete.
  • Once you are through, retract the oprod and remove THE ORIGINAL M1 BUDDY.
No more M1 thumb - Maybe the best feature of this product is the fact that The Original M1 Buddy eliminates all chances of contracting M1 thumb