Fulton Armory

Fulton Armory's M14-Type Receiver Recommendation

by Clint McKee

Clint, which M14-type receiver do you recommend?

Fulton Armory recommends—the new Fulton Armory M14 Receiver in our new Fulton Armory M14 Rifles and M14 rifle kits! For a dedicated match rifle, get one with our rear-lugged receiver. For most other purposes get one with the standard Fulton Armory M14 receiver. Keep in mind that the rear lug version must always be bedded to the stock you want to use.

The rear lug increases the available bedding area, thus, your bedding job will last longer before it must be skim bedded or rebedded. It does not increase accuracy, but will help maintain your rifle's accuracy over a longer period of use.

Clint McKee