Fulton Armory

Technical Inspection Report

Second "New-Receivered" Garand

Presented without (much) comment

Technical Inspection Report

Technical Inspection Report

Receiver Markings

Receiver Markings; IHC on left, New Receiver on right.

Left Receiver Wall

This appears to be a casting.

Stock Fit

This receiver will not enter a USGI stock, even a well-used one.

Op Rod Track Edge

Op rod track edge;
Note the change in contour from rear to front.

Op Rod Track Undercut

What is this slotting in the top inside edge of the op rod track?

IHC Op Rod Track

Note that this IHC receiver does not show the slotting
nor the change in contour.

Left Lug Recesss Comparison

Left Bolt Lug Recess Contour;
note the gross difference with the IHC receiver (above).

Right Lug Fit (New Receiver)Right Lug Fit (IHC Receiver)

Right Bolt Lug Fit;
New Receiver on left, IHC Receiver on right.

Firing Pin Recesss Comparison

Compare the firing pin clearance cut on the IHC receiver on the left
with the new receiver on the right.
This lack of proper clearance can cause the firing pin tail to be "hammer welded" to the rear of the bolt, defeating firing pin retract.
This is very dangerous.

Op Rod Track Undercut

New Receiver below, IHC above.