Fulton Armory

M1 Garand Magazine Conversions

By Clint McKee

Hi, Clint, I was wanting to know if there are any conversion kits (e.g., the BM-59 parts kits being offered) or gunsmiths that can modify this rifle to accept M-14 mags.

To make the M1 Garand mag fed, it takes a substantial receiver modification, so part kits will do nothing other than provide a few of the easy parts. "It's the receiver, stupid"!

To make such mods to the receiver properly requires annealing the receiver so you can machine it (the exterior is file hard & while there are techniques to machine such materials, they don't come easily, nor cheap).

Then, if it's properly machined (and trust me, that's a real big "if"), then it needs to be re-heatreated. This step is even more difficult than the first! To get a proper heat treat is very difficult, especially when doing 1, or 5, or 10 at a time. The original Springfield Armory had its difficulties with heat treating millions of rifles, so, how do you think the local "Smith" is going to do? The down side is that the receiver could become a hand grenade, or a wet noodle. Neither is acceptable, both are dangerous, & a sorry waste of one of the finest rifle receivers ever made.

So, in my humble opinion, if you want a mag fed Garand, get an M14/M1A type rifle. That's why they were made!