Fulton Armory

M1 Garand Spare Parts Kit Recommendations

by Clint McKee

from the M1/M14 mail list... What spare parts ought the shooter keep on hand for basic operator maintenance of his M1 Garand rifle?

Depends on how much you shoot, and, how long you want to maintain the rifle. With the current import restrictions, you may want to get a deep & thorough spares inventory. The original G.I. stuff is dwindling fast, and lots of rewelded, "rebuilt", commercial cast reproductions, Korean, worn out, etcetera, parts are, sadly, becoming commonplace.

Keep in mind that a bad spare part is NO spare part.

First line (bare bones minimum):

Second line (preferred), and to include the items above as well:

Third line (deep support for the future), and this includes the 1st & 2nd lines above:

Hope this helps!

Thanks again for the kind interest!

--Clint McKee