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The SLED and How to Use It

By Clint McKee

M1 Rifle one-round clip (SLED)
Clip, 1 Round (SLED)

Previously I've tried as hard as I can to explain WHY you must use it: to prevent slam fires!  You should never drop a round into the chamber of an M1/M1A/M14 and close the bolt. Use a SLED with the M1 and a magazine with the M14/M1A!

It has come to my attention that the SLED (Single Loading Enhancement Device), AKA 1-round clip, is not clearly understood by some. The SLED is inserted into the mag well of the M1 Garand, and stays in place until removed manually. Once installed, one simply snaps a round (.308 or .30-06, depending on which round your M1 Rifle is chambered for) into the SLED (1 round clip), pulls back the op rod and lets her fly home. After firing, the bolt ejects the round, locks to the rear, ready for another round to be "snapped" into place. When finished for the day, (relay, etc.) the SLED (1 round clip) is easily removed by prying a tab of the SLED, inside the mag well. Up she comes, for hand removal. Hope this helps explain its use.

Question: Several years ago I installed a sled in my M1. Now I cannot remove it. I have seen your page on it at your site. It will not release when I pull on either of the two lips that protrude. What's up?

ANSWER: Ummm…of course it won’t release, because you are not disengaging the SLED from the receiver. Address the rifle as you would when shooting it, with the op rod/bolt locked back. Look down into the magazine well. You will see a feed lip on the right. On the left, immediately in front of the firing pin bridge you will see a very short lip. Further forward, and about halfway down into the magazine well, you will see a finger about ¼: wide that bends to the left out of sight under the left receiver rail. This locking finger is what’s holding the SLED in place. Finally, in front of the finger is the last element of the left side of the SLED: the disengagement tab, also about a ¼” wide.

To disengage the locking finger, use a flat screwdriver (the flat screwdriver blade of my Swiss Army Knife works fine) or the bullet of a cartridge to pry the disengagement tab inward. When you pry the tab far enough inward, as the tab draws the locking finger inward the finger will pop out of engagement with the bottom of the left receiver rail and the SLED will be free to move up and out.

The next time you have the rifle field-stripped, install the SLED. You’ll see the locking finger pop into engagement with the bottom surface of the left receiver rail. It’s this finger you’re pulling inward and out of engagement with the bottom of the receiver rail when you pry the disengagement tab inward.