Fulton Armory

Diagnosing Garand Short Stroking

by Clint McKee

Okay experts, please help a fella out. My .308 M1 Garand has problems feeding. Somehow I got a recoil spring that was two inches longer than it should be. Cases would not eject. Replaced spring with one from another M1...

Garands in serviceable condition will operate with a "too long" spring, though the incidence of slam fires is increased. It's not the spring.

...and now the fired cases eject but the bolt does not pick up a new round.

Aha! The weaker spring still does not allow the rifle to properly function. They never properly allow the rifle to function. It's masking another problem. And, a weaker spring causes other problems, especially with the last few rounds.

When you get down to round #8 in the enbloc the new round will partially feed with a bolt-over-base misfeed and jam. The rifle is properly greased and lubricated.

Sounds to me like:

Hope this helps!

Clint McKee