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Styphnate Primed Small-Arms Ammunition Initial Production Lots

This chart shows when military U.S. ammunition began to be loaded with styphnate, or non-corrosive, primers.

The data is taken from TM 9-1305-200, 14 June 1961.

Maufacturer Symbol and Lot Data Ball M2 AP M2 API M14A1 Trace M25 Blank M1909
FA Lot Number 4149* 887 62 44 985
Acceptance Date Oct-51 Oct-51 Nov-53 Oct-51 Jul-54
RA Lot Number 33853     5000  
Acceptance Date Nov-51     Apr-51  
WCC Lot Number 6428     6000  
Acceptance Date Jun-51     Feb-51  
SL Lot Number 9420 9467   7025  
Acceptance Date May-52 Jul-52   Sep-52  
LC Lot Number 13700 13158 12000 12004 12000
Acceptance Date Jun-51 Apr-52 May-52 May-52 Apr-52
TW Lot Number 19362 19776 18000 18013 18712
Acceptance Date Dec-50 Feb-52 Dec-52 Dec-51 Sep-51
WRA Lot Number 23201 22007 22000   22000
Acceptance Date Aug-51 Jun-54 Feb-53   Sep-53
VC Lot Number 42000        
Acceptance Date Apr-45        
DAQ Lot Number 44000        
Acceptance Date Aug-45        
    * Odd lots
with P-4 or
since 1947

Walt Kuleck