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*FAR-308 Parts & Accessories are designed to fit/function with Fulton Armory, DPMS LR-308, & Remington R-25 Rifles. Due to vast differences in .308 AR type rifles, we cannot guarantee these parts to fit/function in all .308 AR type rifles. All returns/warranties are honored for manufacturer defects only. We do not guarantee function or safety of a rifle built outside of our shop, using parts/accessories purchased from Fulton Armory*

**Due to tolerance variations of bolts & barrels, we strongly recommend purchasing a bolt or BCG with the barrel so we can properly headspace it to the barrel before shipping. You can also send your bolt to us for head spacing prior to shipping for a nominal fee of $10.00. This is the ONLY way we can ensure safe and proper headspace of the bolt to the barrel. Barrels that are returned for improper headspace and found to be acceptable will be returned at the customer’s expense. **


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