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Rear Sight Aperture, SR MicroSight, 1/4 X 28 Threads, .040" Opening

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The Original SR MicroSight, an aiming aid consisting of an integrated hood, lens, and aperture for the AR-15 service rifle.

What it does: Since the eye is only capable of focusing on one plane at a time, and the front sight and target are in separate planes, conventional wisdom says they both cannot be in focus at the same time. Fortunately, Stallings Machine has innovatively extended recent discoveries in diffraction optics to create an aiming aid called the Original SR MicroSight providing multifocal capability. By careful design and fabrication, a single miniature optical element provides simultaneous focus on both the front sight and target.

How it works: The MicroSight is a special application of a more general device called a Phased Zone Plate. The MicroSight attempts to confine the light into two focal lengths corresponding to the target and front sight.

Installation: The Original SR MicroSight hood replaces a standard AR-15 hood (1/4-28 threads) as found on most NM AR-15 rear sights. If you have questions about whether or not the MicroSight will fit your AR-15, contact Fulton Armory.

Application: Users must have good natural or corrected distance vision. It is very important that the user's vision be correct for distance viewing since the MicroSight provides the target image by passing a portion of the light to the eye unaltered. This is of course contrary to the conventional approach of correcting vision to provide a clear view of the front sight. The MicroSight physical parameters are established by the sight radius. A MicroSight designed for a short barreled weapon like the AR-15 will not work well on a Palma Rifle and vice versa.

One size fits all: Once your vision is corrected for best distance viewing, you do not need to select from different MicroSight configurations. A single combination of hood, lens, and aperture is offered to satisfy the needs of all shooters. The aperture opening in the MicroSight is approximately .040. While many shooters use a smaller rear aperture because the increased depth of field helps them bring the front post into better focus, the MicroSight achieves sharp front sight focus without depending on the increased depth of field (and the resulting loss of transmitted light) of a smaller aperture. 

Legality: The hood that houses the MicroSight is well within the size allowed by the rules as they are written.