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How to make two-round Garand clips

from Chuck Barnett via Mike Palmer

New shooters are often unfamiliar with the correct technique for loading two rounds in an M1 rifle's clip, as is required in NRA highpower service rifle competition. In rapid-fire, the competitor shoots his first two rounds, then is required to reload with eight cartridges to finish the string.

One solution to this problem is to modify an issue M1 clip to hold only two rounds. The clip can be readied before going to the firing line, and the top round can be on the inside or outside according to the shooter's preference.

All that's required to prepare a two-round clip is a soft-jaw vise, power drill, hacksaw, pliers (a Dremel tool would be helpful, too) and a bit of time. (Note: Don't forget that Fulton Armory sells these things (the clips, not the power tools!)!--Walt)

Refer to the accompanying drawing to determine the saw cuts and hole locations. Clips are hard, and it wouldn't hurt to local-anneal the metal if you have a fine-tip torch. Insert a wooden block between the sides to keep them from flexing while working. Center punch and drill the holes on both sides. Since the holes are for stress relief, bit size is unimportant - it's more crucial that the bit be sharp. Then make the saw cuts from the edges, starting the hacksaw at a steep angle, and stop the cuts at the holes. If you have a Dremel tool with a narrow grinding wheel, use it to connect the holes. If not, break out the two tabs that are formed on either side, and complete the cuts with the saw.

The inside lips can be bent in, with some difficulty, with pliers (refer to accompanying drawing below). Try the clip in the magazine, making certain that the follower has sufficient clearance with the lips. File and deburr all the cuts.

Verify smooth operation, clip retention and ejection with dummy rounds. The rifle is loaded in conventional fashion.

(Note: We assume you place no value on your time or your wound dressings. Fulton Armory accepts no liability for personal injury or the odd looks you'll get at your "handicrafts." So all you masochists out there, have at it!--Walt

Two Round Clip

Chuck Barnett
via Mike Palmer of
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--And as an added bonus, here's another way to do five round--or even two round--clips:

Five Round Clip
Five round modified M1 Garand Clip