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We are one of the only shops in the world with specialized experience servicing the 5 Military Gas Guns and we have all the original USGI gauges

(M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, M14 / M1A, AR-15, & .308 AR-DPMS Pattern)

1. Simply purchase our shipping container below 

2. Securely pack up your rifle with included packing materials & fill out our included service request form

3. Take the rifle directly to your preferred carrier (UPS/USPS/FedEx) and ship it to us, don't go through a dealer/gunsmith

4. Please allow 2 to 3 months to be inspected & contacted, after which we'll get payment & the work will be done shortly

*Small repairs or work for deploying military / match shooters may be done sooner with prior approval.

The current wait time for NM Trigger Mods is 1 week and Basic Rebarreling (Receiver/Bolt/Barrel Only) is approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

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Shipping Container, for Service Work, Fulton Armory
Part #: FA-A329-ACGMT  
Price: $25.00
Shipping Container, for Service Work, Fulton Armory
CMP Parts Kit Assembly
Perform Tech Inspection On Your CMP Grade A Parts Kit, Professionally Assemble on your FA Barreled Action, & Test Fire
$150.00, Plus Return Shipping
Technical Inspection $79.95, Plus Return Shipping

We start with our acclaimed & exclusive Comprehensive Tech Inspection when your rifle arrives- where we completely disassemble, inspect, and gauge each component, consult with you on any work to be done, then clean, assemble, lubricate and test fire your rifle. The TI is the foundation for all the work we’ll do on your rifle. The TI ensures the function and safety of your rifle upon its return to you. Include a daytime phone number with area code so we may discuss our findings with you.
Click here for Service Request Form & Instructions

Metal Refinishing 
Clean, Degrease, Bead Blast Metal Parts And Parkerize With Manganese Phosphate, Stainless Steel Parts Will Be Swapped For Already Blackened Parts. (We Do Not Offer Aluminum Re-Finishing).
Bead Blast Metal Parts And Parkerize With Manganese Phosphate   Add $175.00
Target Gray Matte Finish For Stainless Steel Barrel Add $35.00
Barrel Installation

Supply, Fit, Headspace, Polish, Precisely Index & Install: 

Fulton Armory Supplied Barrel (GI/Light & Medium Contour)

$75.00 (+ Barrel Cost)

Fulton Armory Supplied Barrel (Heavy Contour)

$100.00 (+ Barrel Cost)

Customer Supplied Barrel 

TBD ($150.00 Minimum)

Barrel Modifications

Recrown Muzzle Add $45.00
Barrel Refresh (Deep Clean Bore, Polish Chamber and Recrown Muzzle, Reinstalled) Add $125.00
Chinese Receiver Modification 
Modify For GI Spec Bolt Add $125.00
Fulton Armory Stocks

Supply, Fit, Sand, Hand Rub w/Linseed Oil and Install New M14 Stock with Customer-

Supplied Stock Hardware, Includes Stock, No Hardware 

GI Contour or Medium Weight Walnut Stock 
Add $250.00
—Add for Standard Hardware, Installed  Add $150.00
—Add for National Match Hardware, Installed Add $136.00
Supply, Fit and Install Front Stock Swivel with Rail  Add $125.00
Supply, Fit and Install Selector Switch to your USGI Wood Stock Add $100.00
Sage Stocks
See Parts Section For Stock Prices
Install Customer Rifle in Sage Stock System Add $75.00
Supply, Fit and Install Sage Cantilever Scope Mount Base     Add 250.00
Supply, Fit and Install Sage Clip Guide Scope Mount Base   Add $80.00
National Match And Performance Modifications
Supply, Fit and Install:
FA Super Scout Picatinny Rail Handguard Add $299.95
—Add Accessory Rail for Super Scout Handguard, Each Add $20.00
Rear Sight Elevation Disk

Add $45.00

NM Rear Sight Aperture Add $65.00
NM Trigger Modification with Oversized Pins to Customer Trigger Group (+ Return Shipping) Add $75.00

Scope Mount Installations

Supply, Fit and Install:

FA DMR 3-Point Steel Picatinny Scope Mount Add $330.00
Other Services
Stock Refresh - Light Sand/Deep Clean and Apply BLO (Boiled Linseed Oil) Add $50.00