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Fulton Armory M14/M1A Comprehensive Inspection Service

Price: $50 For Shipping Container
Part #: FA-M14-INSPECT

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Current wait times are approximately 4-6 weeks.

This is a great option for shooters who want the safety and reliability of the rifle inspected or for someone looking for more of an "a la carte" approach to their rifle restoration or modifications.  With the variety of services we offer, we are sure to find a solution that meets your reliability, safety, accuracy and appearance needs.

  • Our renowned, comprehensive technical inspection.  Complete tear down, visual inspection and military gauging requirements applied to determine safety and serviceability.
  • Personal phone call discussing inspection findings, recommendations and defining customer expectations/goals for ideal results.

Price of $50 provides you with a heavy-duty, foam-lined shipping container to ship your rifle to us.  If you have a box to ship your rifle in already, no purchase is necessary, just send it in with your contact information and work request.  (Please do not send rifle cases, we are unable to return rifle cases. They will be disposed of and the rifle will be returned in our approved shipping container.)


Tech Inspection: This allows us to complete our comprehensive inspection of your rifle and contact you with our findings, then discuss opportunities for improvements.  This is the minimum service requirement for any rifle that comes to Fulton Armory. $89.95

Barrel Refresh: Includes the re-crowning of the muzzle, deep clean of the barrel and a polishing of the chamber. $125

Stock Refresh: Includes a deep cleaning and light sanding of the existing stock and a re-application of boiled linseed oil for complete finish. $75

Re-park: All metal parts are deep cleaned, expertly media blasted and re-parkerized in our beautiful manganese phosphate solution.  Stainless parts are swapped for black oxide-prepped pieces in equal or better condition. Lubricated with Lucas Oil Extreme Duty CLP. $195

New Stock: New hand-selected American Walnut stock expertly fitted to your rifle, sanded and finished in boiled linseed oil. Starting at $275

New Barrel: Supply and precisely install a Fulton Armory proprietary, Criterion made, match grade barrel.  Properly head-spaced and indexed for safety and accuracy. Starting at $440.00

Scope Mount Install: Install either a customer supplied scope mount or one of the in stock scope mount options we have available. Starting at $35

Chassis Install: We can install any stock or chassis system that is made for the M14/M1A that a customer supplies for their rifle. Starting at $75

National Match Trigger: The single best "bang for your buck" modifications you can do to improve not only the accuracy of your rifle but how it feels to shoot it.  This modification brings the trigger weight to 4.5-4.75lbs pull and increases the overall crispness of the break, giving it the "glass rod" effect.  Includes oversized trigger and hammer pins. $85