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Gas Cylinder Plug, Adjustable, M1 Garand, Schuster

Price: $44.95
Part #: FA-G-047

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By adjusting the volume of gas in the cylinder it changes the speed of the op-rod and controls the harmonic vibration of the barrel.  Our plug softens the blows on your op-rod and wear on the bolt lugs.  Made specifically for use with heavier bullet weights and hotter reloads.  Even if you only shoot your M1 once in a while make it last a second lifetime.   Made from Hardened Tool Steel & Parkerized. Service rifle legal. Same appearance and configuration as the original.  Conforms to CMP 12th Edition Rule 6.1.2.  NOT legal for "as-issued" matches.

READ THIS FIRST: Unload firearm before making any adjustments! You will notice that the setscrew in the Gas Plug may be very tight and will not easily turn  by hand. Once installed in the rifle it will become much easier. The setscrew comes at a factory set position, air will easily blow through it. The rifle WILL NOT FUNCTION at this position. Use it as a starting point, then screw in as necessary until rifle begins to function.

Installation:  Remove existing gas plug, and replace with your new adjustable gas plug. Start with setscrew  at the factory preset position. Turning the screw about ¼ turn at a time, tighten screw, and fire until the rifle functions reliably with your particular load. If the adjusting screws seems to loosen , install the hollow locking setscrew and tighten against the original screw locking it in place.  Locating your Rifle’s sweet spot requires some trial and error. Once rifle is functioning properly, try turning the setscrew 1/8 of a turn at a time and fire a few rounds. Repeat until best group is found. Some shooters like to scribe a small line on the setscrew itself, and use it as a marker for identifying plug position (i.e. 3 o clock).
*Since handloading operations are beyond our control, we disclaim all liability for any damages which may result.