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M-14 / M1A Forward Optic Mount, Ultimak

Price: $209.95
Part #: FA-M-147

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    Rifle not included                                                          M-14 / M1A Forward Optic Mount1913 (Picatinny) Style Rail, Ultimak
                                                                                      Fits Standard Weight Barrels Only*
                                                                                                       Made in U.S.A.

Ultra-low mounting allows co witnessing and an improved cheek weld - no need for a comb riser. Clamps directly to barrel for maximum stability and accuracy. Allows use of Intermediate Eye Relief (IER) "Scout" scope, pistol scopes, reflex sights, and holographic weapon sights. Comes complete with screws, barrel clamps, recoil lug, Allen wrenches, and easy instructions. No gunsmithing or alterations required. Fits original, standard weight barrel profile (H&R, Springfield, TRW, etc.).

Forward, low mounting configuration with a generous length Picatinny type rail. This shows the M8 on a Springfield standard model M1A, topped with the Leupold "Scout" scope-- Elegance, grace, power, and innovation rooted in the experiences of history.

The entirely unobtrusive optic mount can remain in place whether or not you're using optics. The forward positioning allows faster targeting with better field of view, very forgiving eye relief, greater mounting versatility, and full access to the receiver mechanism and stripper clip guide with optics in place. The rifle can be easily and completely field stripped without removing the mount or the optic.

No-gunsmithing installation - the M8 mount can be installed in the field by anyone who can read the instructions and use the supplied Allen wrenches. Fits standard weight M-14 and M1A barrels only. Works as a drop-in installation with any wood or synthetic stock. Completely CNC machined from super strong 6061-T6 aluminum, bead blasted and Mil Spec hard anodized for a matte black finish that will hold up to years of hard use. The barrel clamps and recoil lug are made of 4142 chrome/molly steel with a satin black phosphate finish. This is the mount that should have come with the M-14 from the beginning.

*Compatibility: The UltiMAK M8 mount fits only standard, GI spec barrels. In the current Springfield line-up, the compatible models are; M1A Standard, M1A Scout Squad, SOCOM 16, SOCOM II, and M1A Tanker. Springfield "Loaded Standard" and all of their "Match" and "Tactical" models have heavier-than-standard barrels, which will not allow M8 mount installation. Chinese M1A clones have standard barrels and fit nicely with the M8 mount. If your M-14 or M1A does not fit any of the above descriptions, you should call the manufacturer and ask if the barrel is of standard M-14 outer diameter specs, including the size and location of the op-rod guide. As a side note; the original U.S. military production "National Match" M-14s had standard weight barrels. Among the differences were that the chamber, bore and groove tolerances were halved.