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M14/M1A Express Rebarreling Service

Price: $50 For Shipping Container
Part #: FA-M14-REBAR

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Express Re-barreling

Starting at $489.95 - Current wait times are approximately 2-3 weeks.

Just need a quick re-barrel on you rifle? Our express re-barreling option allows for both a precise install and our fastest turnaround.  In just 2 to 3 weeks, Fulton Armory can install either your barrel or one of our Match Proven, Criterion sourced barrels, the choice is yours. Designed specifically for stripped barreled actions only.


  •       Receiver, bolt and barrel inspection.
  • New, Match Grade, Criterion barrel if not supplied by the customer.
  • Precise installation and timing (please include a flash hider with sight removed)
  • Customer does not need to remove bolt stops, cartridge clip guides, connector locks or op-rod guides.

*Important: Complete or partially complete actions/rifles are not eligible for this expedited service. Full technical inspection and standard wait times apply in those cases.  NO Exceptions! *

      Price of $50 provides you with a heavy-duty, foam-lined shipping container to return your barreled-action to us.  If you have a box to ship your barreled-action in already, no purchase necessary, just send it in with your contact information and work request.  (Please do not send rifle cases, we are unable to return rifle cases. They will be disposed of and the barreled-action will be returned in our approved shipping container.)

        Please note that additional costs may apply based on the serviceability of parts and unforeseen findings during the inspection. If you wish to include extra parts not initially included in the package, separate charges may be incurred.  Price does not include return shipping and handling.