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M1 Carbine Total Refresh Package

Price: $50 For Shipping Container
Part #: FA-M1C-FRESH

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M1 Carbine Total Refresh Package

Starting at: $549.95 - Current wait times are approximately 4 months.

Does your M1 Carbine perform like a champion but need some help on its close-ups?  The M1 Carbine Total Refresh Package could be just the right value.  Utilizing all of the serviceable parts on your rifle and freshening them up with a re-park and stock cleaning, we can get that rifle photo-op ready for when you take on the next match.


  • Our renowned, comprehensive technical inspection. Complete teardown, visual inspection, and military gauging requirements applied to determine safety and serviceability.
  • Stock Refresh to include light sanding, deep clean, and a re-application of Boiled Linseed Oil
  • Barrel Refresh to include re-crowning of the muzzle, deep clean of the barrel and polishing of the breech face, chamber and gas cylinder.
  • Complete Re-park of all metal parts including stock hardware
  • Replacement of all springs utilizing our replacement spring kit (FA-C-SPGKIT)

Price of $50 provides you with a heavy-duty, foam-lined shipping container to ship your rifle to us.  If you have a box to ship your rifle in already, no purchase is necessary, just send it in with your contact information and work request.  (Please do not send rifle cases, we are unable to return rifle cases.  They will be disposed of and the rifle will be returned in our approved shipping container.)

Please note that additional costs may apply based on the serviceability of parts and unforeseen findings during the inspection. If you wish to include extra parts not initially included in the package, separate charges may be incurred. Price does not include return shipping and handling.