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Fulton Armory T26 Garand Tanker with Customer Supplied Receiver*

Part #: FA-M1G-TNK-wo
Price: $2,779.95

The T-26 Garand (later referred to as a Tanker Garand) was an experimental, shortened variant of the standard issue M1 Garand. In the fall of 1944, the Pacific Warfare Board ordered that a test quantity of 150 M1 Rifles are to be shortened and tested for jungle and paratroop use. These modifications were rather crude, performed by military armorers in the Pacific theatre of operations, but were intriguing enough to send 2 samples to the USA for testing and request that Springfield Armory manufacture a prototype for these shortened M1 Rifles. However, due to various design & manufacturing issues, the T-26 Garand was never produced. The name "Tanker" is really a post-WWII fabrication, originating from the notion that the shortened M1 Rifles would be ideal for tank crews. Historically, The T-26 was never intended for use by tank crews and the name "Tanker" was never referenced untill the well-after WWII. However the name stuck, and today these shortened M1 Rifle "Tanker" variants are widely known for their collector appeal, "handiness", and manageable weight & dimensions.

Fulton Armory has proudly resurrected this desired, well-known T26 "Tanker" Variant, offered with our own, high quality 18.25" Tanker contour barrel & shortened "Tanker Variant" handguard, resulting in an overall length of 38" with a weight of 8.5 lbs.

We build on your supplied USGI M1 Garand Receiver

Standard Features
  • Receiver: Your USGI M1 Garand Receiver
    • Barrel: Fulton Armory .30-'06, 18.25" 1x10, Tanker Contour, National Match Quality
    • Parts: GI & True Mil Spec Throughout, G.I. Bolt & Op Rod 
      • Shortened & Modified:
          • Follower Rod
          • Op Rod
          • Op Rod Spring
          • Lower band
    • Stock & Handguards: New Walnut, Hand Selected, Lovingly Fit, & Beautifully Finished with Boiled Linseed Oil
      • Front Hanguard: Shortened "Tanker Variant" 
    • Included Accessories: 8 Round Clip, Canvas Sling, & Owners Manual 


    Product Options

    Spacer Block for .308 Barrel (Reccomended)
    Muzzle Device
    Gas Plug
    Stock & Handguards